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Success Story
Name TS
Auditing Success Solo NOTS

The Beginning[edit | edit source]

I had wanted to get on NOTs for many decades. It had been my plan to do the L’s before NOTs. Prices for both kept that realization at bay and the increasing number of obstacles put in my way made it look less and less possible that I would ever get either of them done. I had resigned myself to not getting up the Bridge this lifetime. I was not happy about that but had accepted it, baring some very unusual circumstances.

Those very unusual circumstances presented themselves, as you might expect, in a very unusual way. I left the Church. As a result of that, the very suppression which had weighed me down vanished and the possibilities opened up, literally, immediately before me.

So I spent the next year doing all three L’s delivered by Trey Lotz. A very worth while and in my opinion necessary experience. Not necessary to getting onto NOTs but necessary as a part of ones upper bridge.

Upon completing the L’s I immediately started NOTs . Well not immediately, I studied the materials for a few weeks (3). Yes, a few weeks, part time, enough to read through all of the LRH HCOBS to figure out the primary processes. I studied the correction list so I would know what to do to fix any mistakes and to know what the typical mistakes were so as to avoid them.

22 days following my L10 completion I started Soloing NOTs. To be sure, I was nowhere near as proficient with the materials as I am today, but that doesn’t matter. My skill in running the level was gained by running the level, not through endless drilling. And running the level is a very enjoyable process.

Side note:

I am here to say it is not difficult. It is not necessary to study for months doing endless drilling on every aspect of the R/D. It is not scary, except as it is unknown to you. It does not require a burdensome checksheet, killer drills and checkouts, sec checks up the wazoo, six month checks and all the oversight the CoS puts one through. It is simplicity itself. It is easier to run than OT III in my opinion and certainly much easier than lower Bridge auditing.

You must know how to audit and your auditing basics need to be in. You need to know how to L& N. This is not nearly as difficult as L & Ning on lower grades and easier to correct if you blow it. This is not a complete listing of the skills necessary, I’m simply pointing out that it is not nearly as difficult as you may believe or been led to believe. The CoS has been playing on our ignorance for decades on this Rundown. Recognize that much of what you have been told or led to believe about this level is probably false, if those views were gleaned while in the church.

23 Mar 2011- My First Solo NOTs Session[edit | edit source]

I had truly amazing wins and T/A action. The T/A was pumping up and down there were l/f b/d's followed by fb/d fb/d fb/d, time and time again. The b/d's were happening so frequently I was a bit amazed. I understand that this is a good thing and what LRH say can happen but it happened so often I was amazed. I kept it up until I was certain all of the (items) were handled, and the occasional suspicion of s/t unhandled registering as only a tick or a slow was inspected by me. I wasn't going to leave anything behind, to the best of my ability that is.

I had really fabulous wins and blew loads of charge (items). Afterwards I reviewed my sessions and realized I had made a couple of small errors and noted them in my folder to be checked and corrected if need be.

24 Mar 2011- Session Number 2[edit | edit source]

Next session. Got set up and ready to go. The needle is all over the dial but I busy with my paperwork. When I’m finally ready to go I notice the needle is off the dial so I bring it back up. It promptly falls off again. I bring it back up and it falls off again. I think my meter is broken so I check sensitivity again, the leads and the connections, it all looks good. Must be the meter charge is down, so I check. It’s fine but I plug it in anyway because the needle won’t stay on the dial and something seems wonky.

I bring it up to set and it stays there for less than an instant and falls off the dial. It keeps doing this as the T/A counter starts adding up. Eventually I realize that this is what an FTA (Floating Tone Arm) looks like.

No session today as I’m doing too well despite the previous days session errors.

7 April 2011[edit | edit source]

Stuff is blowing so fast in session I am unable to keep up the admin. The falls, blow downs and F/N’s just come one on top of another. Stuff is blowing as soon as I spot it, blowing by inspection with the least little look. I sometimes see little bright sparkles of light when locating something to run. Sometimes I see a cloud of little lights. I put my attention on it and it blows in a whoosh. The release is tremendous when that happens. The needle is banging off the dial when this occurs.

I laugh to myself when people ask how they will know what to run and are very concerned about reads, instant reads etc. The reads bang the needle off the dial. They are unmistakable.

8 April 2011[edit | edit source]

I am finally at a point where my case is my own to confront and handle. Thank god. This is truly, freedom.

All I need is a body and a meter, and a few references. I find I'm auditing exterior. I am out of the body when running, looking and handling the material. It runs amazingly this way.

It is tremendous being cause over my case and having the ability to audit it. I recalled, while doing the L's, wanting to handle this stuff millennia ago. And I mean actual recall of wondering what this stuff was I was carrying around and how to get rid of it. Force had marginal workability and ultimately only seemed to make matters worse. Soloing NOTs is a breeze, very rewarding and enlightening experience. The Wins are tremendous.

LRH says that blowing by inspection is the best method and you can expect this to occur more often later in the rundown. This is happening in the beginning of the rundown for me. In any given session most of what I find to run blows on inspection. I complained to a friend that I never get to actually audit, most everything blows too fast.

18 April 2011[edit | edit source]

I had an amazing NOTs session today, nice win, nice f/n VGI's pc feeling pretty good etc. I had contacted and handled a significant event during the session and was pretty blown out about it. At this point I attempted to end the session.

I then got several series of LF BD F/Ns followed by more of the same for another 10 minutes or 2 1/2 pages of writing LF/BD FN FN. FBD FN BD FBD F/N etc sometimes faster than I could write. It would seem to ease off for a few moments then start all over again and have me speedily writing and pumping the T/A to keep the needle on the dial, which was difficult.

It was actually getting physically difficult to deal with the amount of charge and mass that was blowing. It was pulsing on and off as the T/A was pumping up and down vigorously. Needles to say I am feeling pretty good about that.

What a ride.

**April 20, 2012[edit | edit source]

I had a string of really good NOTs sessions today.

I can't go into what they were, which is a shame really because they were fabulous. This material IS the stuff of life. Ron described it as living lightening and it certainly is. Always a blow out. You get used to FNing or FTAing all the time and it becomes the norm. So you really notice something that doesn't belong. It really sticks out. What's fabulous is you then get to address it, at which point it vanishes- poof like so much smoke.

It is amazingly simple to run. The CoS has put out so much false data about this R/D, how long it takes to train someone, how dangerous it is with out their supervision, their csing, their sec checks etc etc. It's all lies.

The rundown is simple and smooth. Once you've handled something, it's gone. It not released or keyed out, it's gone. You are handling Source Materials and once something is contacted and blown it is gone. Frequently taking much other material with it. That last one really gets the needle swinging or more likely banging of the pins.

I audit in my office and it's pretty quiet. I commonly hear this little ping, it's the needle banging off the stops. Kinda funny.

I love this Rundown. All those that have gone before know of what I am speaking. All those waiting in the wings, come on in the water is fine.

May 4, 2012[edit | edit source]

I just got out of a Solo session and recognize how relaxed I am.

I feel like I’m on vacation in some stress free place taking in the day. It slowly washed over me and the needle started a slow fall, then a slow rise back and forth until it was no longer staying on the dial. Looked like a good place to end session.

I still have work to do but it doesn’t seem pressing. My space is very calm despite its being a hectic day. I think I’ll take a little walk.

It seems to be expanding, that feeling of relaxation. A sense of calm and well being is pervasive.

What’s not to like about this.

5 May 2012[edit | edit source]

My recent sessions have a quality of seeming very smooth. The material reads and runs the same, but the session feels gentle and smooth as opposed to hard and banging as are some. All of them are great. Interesting are the various and changing qualities of the material and the way sessions run. I find they run a particular way for a while then the pattern changes and another one emerges. It is one of the things I find fascinating about NOTs. Not only the material itself but it’s ever charging character and quality of session. Lately my session E/Ps have snuck up on me very gently. I’ve had to stop and consider how the Pre-Ot is doing. This usually results in some recognition of being exterior or very blown out followed by an lf-bd- fn before I am fully cognizant of it myself, well almost. A very nice way to greet the day.

8 May 2012[edit | edit source]

This afternoon’s session was fun, typical fare for a NOTs session with the exception of some funny cogs. There were several of these about death as a condition and not very permanent, they had me laughing. It turns out that these considerations formed a condition of existence that when viewed during NOTs resulted in their blowing rather easily and dramatically. The needle took off like a rocket banging down hard to the right as these things blew off. Once started it only took the slightest of looks again into the area to start a series of blows of these masses knocking the t/a down as it went. This from the simplest of case approaches, an ARC x handling. You just never know what you’re going to get with this R/D and you have to be surprised at nothing as LRH says or you’ll end up very surprised. Some of the damndest things come up for handling.

I have realized that life is what I am auditing, not only in content but life as we live it. Our day to day affairs, good and bad provide a bountiful smorgasbord of potential materials to examine and run.

11 May 2012[edit | edit source]

Sometimes you just get lucky. I set up for session, decided what I was going to run and took a look.

LFBD fn’s immediately, followed by another and another, blowing on inspection. Each time I began to look it LFBD F/Ned. I paused briefly to let it settle out and then looked again to the area I wanted to handle. More of the same. After several of these the T/A floated, banging off one side then lazily back against the other. End of Session. The euphoria crept in slowly following session end.

I wish they all ran like this. This is great!

14 May 2012[edit | edit source]

Todays session was very personal. It dealt with my views on myself and with my relationship and existence as a spiritual being. More so than the usual session which always does this in varying degrees.

False views and ideas fell away as the session progressed and a clearer understanding of of these things resulted.

It is satisfying to clear away these other ideas and views, to clean out those that are not mine, sometimes suprisingly, and see for myself what these things are and my relationship to them, Not the mechanical understanding of this is this and that is that but the bright flashing realization that occurs when the shadows are suddenly cleared away and the light of truth pours through.

These are the moments in Solo that I love the most and today was one of them.