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Postscript by original author[edit source]

When I wrote this, I found Scientolipedia a bit of a jungle, and had not discovered all of what was already on it (I have not yet). I did not realise that Dave had written in November 2013 the article I have now refered to at the end of this one. It seems to me that at some point, when we get more contributors, some one will amalgamate the two articles, or make a better division about what is relevant to a person seeking to obtain a meter now, and and someone looking at the history of e-meters as part of getting a grip on the development of auditing technology.

I was also a little vitriolic when I wrote the article, about the e-meter being a via to directly observing the preclear (in an HCOB in the 50's which I hope some one will find and give a reference to) and Ron pointing out the inadvisability of the preclear developing a dependency on the e-meter. I recently had successes with distant auditing using Skype and caught myself enthusing the advantages of Skype to a friend who preferred telephone auditing. I proclaimed Skype auditing better "because you could better see the preclear's indicators" when I realised with horror that I was advocating a via to observing the preclear directly (theta-wise).

All the stuff I have put on Scientolipedia is liable to be imperfect and I therefore welcome the possibility of many reading it, and when they see something they can express better (ignoring my English spelling) or have found additional data, create a log in and clarify and contribute to the communities well of knowledge of Scientology (the good side of the coin).
Antony A Phillips (talk) 15:48, June 2, 2015 (UTC)

The above is not quite logical, but may cause a pause for thought. Further (perhaps irrelevant) thought is that Hubbard's idea of not "c/sing" in the auditor chair (I guess part of history of tech) precludes one getting a flash of knowingness (high on the scale) and doing something you got by intuition. Perhaps the not c/sing in the chair was aimed to prevent the occasional auditor transcending Ron!
Antony A Phillips (talk) 06:45, June 3, 2015 (UTC)

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