The Scientology the Church Forgot - Michael Moore

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The Scientology the Church Forgot - Michael Moore
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Topic The Scientology the Church Forgot
Author Michael Moore
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The Scientology the Church Forgot

By Sebastian Tombs

A recent debacle between the Church of Scientology and the British BBC has open the eyes of many independent and past scientologists with regard to the application of the philosophy by the very church itself.

Not too long ago, both sides produced a video which turned out, not to be about scientology, the technology or the philosophy or the religion, but more about defending their own position and attacking the other party.

Screaming and shouting and accusatory words formed the main component of both videos.

None of the basic principles of the philosophy or the applied science and technology were mentioned by either party.

On the part of the BBC one would not really expect any different they being a Media channel. Although the BBC has, in the past, had a proud tradition of being impartial this tradition has been prostituted in an effort to be controversial (and by definition biased) in order to attract more viewers from the commercial channels.

But can the church be forgiven for attacking the BBC with verbal force, not is ness and alter is?

Are they stuck in the past? Unable to handle even the basic and probably now redundant 'cult' accusatory attacks. This was the 60s and 70s all over again. Has nothing been learned? Where was the explanation of the basic principles by which scientologists live? The ARC triangle, granting of beingness? Handling on the tone scale, Improving ones confront and responsibility to handle ones life? Where were the success stories? It was as if the church wanted to lose. All they could do was attack by defending their right to practice their religion, (a right not willingly granted to independent scientologists I might add). One might also consider this is done with malice aforethought. No one can be that 'stoopid!'

It is observable these days that there is little to commend the church.

The Media consider them easy meat for controversy when there is nothing else to keep the masses enthralled. The public generally have no knowledge of what scientology really is except the misemotional and idiotic fodder spewed out by the media. So most people in the west generally, and understandably, consider the church, at best, odd ball, at worse, crazy. The real scientologists in the freezone have no love for the church due to it continuously attacking the Freezone independent scientologists overtly and covertly, as well as evidently being hell bent on self destruction and taking a priceless technology with them.

Seems there is little love for the church all round.

How could an organisation that had the best technology in the world, nay, the universe, that has grown from one man into a world wide organisation worth millions end up on the philosophical slab heap?

Part of the philosophy by Ron includes the statement that statistics do not drop. They are 'held down'. If an organisation is shrinking, doing badly, or even not expanding or, in this case becoming a laughing stock, then the organisation is being help back. The PR statistics are certainly nothing to boast about. Yes they are getting more coverage but at what price? Does not quality figure in here anywhere. Or is quantity the only criteria.

A number of other factors figure in here also. Other pearls of wisdom seem not to be used here. Handling the Public Individual. Using Affinity, Reality and, importantly, communication. Operating a closed shop. Expelling prime and experience individuals from the church. Dramatising the basic principle of A=A and assuming that everyone not in agreement with the church is an SP. Currently this would make the vast majority of people who watch the media SP as well as the 3 or 4 thousand people they have expelled since the demise of the Founder.

Being not quite with Ron in fact (if not in name) by virtue of the mass of changes and the sneaky covert deception practiced on the book buying public by inferring that Ron Hubbard wrote the later editions of books the RTC* produces when he did not. Such books are poorly constructed bits of the philosophy with vital pieces deliberately left out and the name L Ron Hubbard incorporated in the title to give people the impression he wrote the revised editions. Blatantly not true and a deception no less.

With such untruths and lies it is quite understandable that the church has changed course and is now heading in a southerly direction. No religion can survive on lies and deception. It is no wonder they are attacked and vilified and spend inordinate amounts of time working to defend themselves. The truth needs no defense but lies do.

A recent email issued to 12,000 scientologists, and which subsequently made its way into the media, concerning the dubious practices of the current Chairman of the Board (COB) has exposed even more un-scientology like actions by the COB including irregular financial activities and later, physical and mental abuse.

The basic principles of scientology as researched and discovered by L Ron Hubbard hold truth. The understanding of the composite parts of man, the guidelines for improving mans health and well being. The ability to get along with ones fellow man and to aid and assist him to have a better life. All these main parts of the applied philosophy have been forgotten by the Church management.

It is left to the independent Scientologists to spread the word and make people aware of what scientology really is. As a result of the church's activities of late, this has become an uphill battle. But people are still basically good and are still looking for the answers. They will still listen as they do understand that the media is hype and no substance. Go into the street and survey peoples thoughts about the accuracy of the media and you will be surprised how derisory they regard it.

Interestingly as the church slowly disappears into it's own insular world and closes itself off from those it was set up to assist, the independent scientologists are out there paving the way to a fresh and new future with the original philosophy of Ron Hubbard. Helping people and building, step by step, a brighter future for us all.

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