Tommy Thompson

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Tommy Thompson
Tommy Thompson
Training Level Grad V-Class IX
Case Level OT-8
Case Supervision Class IX
Country Usa Russia
State ca
City vallejo
Postal Code 94589
Geo 55° 45' 20.97" N, 37° 37' 2.28" E
Social Media facebook tommy thompson
Skype ruspellsinger

Providing the only standard technology bridge in Russia. Delivering L rundowns in russian and in english. Travel frequently to Europe and USA. Delivering all OT repair and grades, both in Russian and English. Prices are reasonable, but not cheap.

I am here to help, and I use no other tools other than what LRH provided, I have found no need for anything else.

No matter how your case was messed up, or by what, Standard Technology will solve it.

As a side note, people think they are going UP some sort of bridge. To be bluntly honest, you are not going up anywhere you have not already been. It is more accurate to say that you are "backing up" to the native state you always have been.

You can not improve something that is already perfect, you can only help perfection to spot its own imperfections.