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Translating Scientolipedia
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Author Dave LaCroix
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<translate> </translate>

<translate> software has been translated into every language of the world.

Our next task is to translate the content.

thanks wikipedia[edit | edit source]

Just like Wikipedia, we now have the ability to make the story of the Subject of Scientology available to the entire world - in the local language!

Due to the unprecedented efforts by thousands of people from around the world who have made this capability a reality by working for years to make the Wikipedia software, the same software uses, multi-lingual and localized everywhere, we are now able to take advantage of these efforts and make translations available on our site.

We owe a great deal to those individuals who work for the very high purpose of making it possible for "every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge".

Our purpose to tell the true story of the Subject of Scientology, its people, history and founder - aligns with that of the Wikimedia Foundation and we are very grateful for their work.

language selection scrreen (top of any page)

what's translated?[edit | edit source]

site visitors[edit | edit source]

ALL of the site software is already translated into every language.

Any site visitor can select their native language from the top of any page. (find the "English" (default language) link and click it to select your language - see image example to the right)

After selecting your native language, you will then find all site messages and some of the sidebar links already translated.

new users[edit | edit source]

As a logged-in user, you can select your native language, as above, when creating an account or at any time, and then find that ALL the software instructions for creating an account, system messages and email notifications will be in your native language.

Any content not yet translated, will appear to you in the default English language.

content translations[edit | edit source]

The content on individual pages needs to be translated into the various languages of the world by supporters.

This means YOU!

split screen view of translating panels (units)

Individual auditors can translate their pages to promote in their native language - and anyone else can choose pages they would like to translate to help in our global dissemination efforts.

We (site admins) will put the page into the translations queue and notify you it is ready for translation. (contact us at

Videos, webcasts and other help pages will be created so you can learn how to do the translations.

The simplicity of the operation is that pages are separated into bite-sized segments showing a split-screen view for each segment - with the English version next to an open panel for your translation. You then translate the entire page all at once, or leave it to finish later. The software keeps track of all these operations to make it easy for translators to always find where they left off.

The software is easy to use and makes for very fast translations of pages. (same software used at

Note: the translations for this page were done using Google Translate and may not be as accurate as those done by humans translating into their native language.

create account screen examples[edit | edit source]

Spanish German Chinese
Translation Spanish login.PNG
Translation German login.PNG
Translation Chinese login.PNG

comments[edit | edit source]


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