Patricia Krenik, The Importance of Training

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Patricia Krenik, The Importance of Training
Topic The Importance of Training
Author Patricia Krenik
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If you are “for” Scientology in any way, take this short essay to heart. Picture a world where there are no auditors. Do you like that idea?

Truthfully that world isn’t very far off unless we take action.

You can’t count on Flag to make auditors. Last year they had many completions of basic courses, but no Level 0, I, II, III and IV Completions. Last year we (our little Elma Group) had four Levels Completions, which may not be a lot but it beats the Flag Stats.

It takes time, lots of it, to train auditors. It isn’t just passing the theory, it's learning how to handle a pc in session. All the drilling in the world doesn’t substitute for just being able to listen and understand the pc. That takes experience. Student auditing of pre-clears should be required before any auditor passes any Levels Course. That was how it was done in the early days of Scientology.

Even after a new auditor receives his Cert, more experience is needed to turn him into a top-notch auditor because each pc gives unique challenges. When a pre-clear suddenly originates, “I think LRH is full of shit” that isn’t the time for you as an auditor to ridge, disagree, blast him with “have I missed a withhold on you,” or end session. Sure, the pc is critical, but before we hunt for withholds we need to pull the string. “Yes,” you could say interestedly, well, how is that?”

“Oh the way he puts the HCOBs together makes them so difficult to understand.”

“OK, could you give me an example?”

“He put the symbol “th” on this HCOB and I looked it up and can’t make any sense of it. I’m not a mathematician and have no background there. How does he expect me to clear it?” “Well, Ok, I got that…is there an ARCx there?” Pc says yes, it reads, and charge is indicated and pc f/ns”. Now comes the auditor’s opportunity to ease into what the pc did that was missed.

“Have I missed anything this session?”

“Not really, I suppose I should have taken up the “th” thing with my supervisor, but I just couldn’t confront looking it up in the dictionary any more.” (Needle falls)

“Ok. When was that?” (Auditor finishes the missed withhold) Finds out his supervisor missed it; gets him back on the original process.

It takes a lot of practice to handle originations smoothly and not just Q and A. Clarification is not Q and A, it is part of TR-4. Some originations sometimes do need clarification, but not all. One learns judgment with experience.

Be that as it is, if no one learns to audit archiving all the tech won’t do us any good. Someone has to be there and be able to apply the tech. It takes a lot of training to get yourself to the point where you can handle any pre-clear, whether he is "new" or “old hat”.

We are fortunate now to have several places where you can get Academy Levels in the Free Zone. Besides our group, there is one in Idaho, one in the Bay Area, one in Reno, in Indiana and one or possibly two in the LA area. There will be more soon, I’m sure.

The Elma group would like anyone who wants to be an auditor to come soon to Elma and plan to stay for awhile. We can help with a reasonable cost for a place to stay. Our major courses, Student Hat, the Levels, Solo Course and Upper Level Courses are all $600.00 each. It is your opportunity of a lifetime.

Those who train to be auditors and study the tech daily will have a much easier time of it when they do the Upper Levels. When you are trained in the tech you recognize things that might just slipped by you.

For example, as a pre-clear you may suddenly blurt out, “we just need to stick together.” Without training you might not realize the effect that has on the A=A=A of the reactive mind. Hatted you suddenly realize how that is affecting engrams…in the literal sense of “we (engrams) just need to stick together”. You see that that phrase is balling up the time track. Boom! Cognition! Your track straightens out.

One of my biggest wins in Dianetics was based on this. After the birth of my third daughter my left shoulder was numb. It was still numb a month later. A Dianetic Engram Running Assist on the birth came up with a nurse giving me a shot in the arm toward the end of the incident. Apparently she went too deep with the needle. “It’s a good thing she can’t feel this,” she said to another nurse.

As soon as I recognized the survival computation “good thing” and “can’t feel” energy started flowing through my arm. Within a couple of minutes my shoulder was about 99% normal; the rest became normal within three days.

What would have happened if I hadn’t read the book and understood the literalness of statements? Possibly the auditor would put me through it again; maybe after several run-throughs it would have erased and possible the shoulder would have slowly returned to normal. Yet, because I knew the mechanism of the bank from study, when it showed up in session I could blow the entire engram by simply perceiving where it was hung up and why.

Never underestimate the power of training. Even if you goal isn’t to be a professional auditor, learning the tech to help with your own case gains and stability will be of great value to you in the future, even into your future life or existences.

Focus on how to arrive and get trained; change your life around in a direction so you can do it. The other fun things we love to do will always be there to return to, music, art, sports, hobbies, but getting trained as an auditor must be made a priority. We don’t know if there will be Scientology in another generation, or for the next generation. It is up to us to do our share to bring it about. If we don’t do it, who will?

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