Patricia Krenik - The Other Side of the Bridge

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Patricia Krenik - The Other Side of the Bridge
Topic The Other Side of the Bridge
Author Patricia Krenik
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The Other Side of the Bridge #1 Pat Krenik July 4, 2009 Elma, WA

I want to write to you today about “the other side of the bridge.” After all, LRH did say that he would see us there.

The irony is that people keep expecting to see him here. Don’t we listen? He did say "there."

We take it for granted that all Scientologists know what the “bridge” is, that is, a series of steps that bring us from a mortal being to one who is “totally free”, whatever that entails. We sink into dissertations on the subject of bridges pointing out that some Classification, Gradation and Awareness Charts say “bridge to a New World” and some just don’t say that. It makes for wonderful exchanges about the value of the bridges and which is the better bridge to take. All of which is great fun and possibly enlightening.

A bridge is a span that goes from point to point. If you had never been on the “other side” of a bridge before then it is for you unchartered territory. You don’t know exactly what to expect. You don’t know what is on the other side of the bridge. That makes a nice “mystery sandwich” to chew over.

I believe it is time to talk about “the other side of the bridge” because that is the total attainment. I’ve heard people say “LRH didn’t finish the research.” I’ve heard it said, “There is more to be done.” These people are correct; one could always improve on the research, and certainly if one wants to do “more” there is always more to be done.

This doesn’t counter the fact that the bridge does have an end. We don’t have to make a new “End of endless bridge rundown” complete with its correction list.

We do need to acknowledge that many people have DONE the bridge that they arrived at the “other side.”

The other side of the bridge in Scientology is similar to, but not the same as other religions. In Christianity, you die and go to heaven. In some off-shoots of Christianity, you are “born again” here on Earth. Some religions promise “Nirvana”. All religions have an end goal.

In Scientology we have the bridge to a new world, but it isn’t stated what the new world will be. On Earth there is an effort to clear the planet of unwanted poverty, criminality and war, but that speaks little of what the “New World” will be when we arrive at the other side of the bridge. It can’t possibly refer to Earth with its problems in existence.

Sometimes it is easier to describe something by stating what it is not. When one crosses the bridge we are not, any longer, in agreement with a humanoid type of existence as a stable datum. It is ok for humans to be as they are and do what they are doing, but on the other side of the bridge there is no longer the NEED to be human.

That doesn’t mean when we cross over the bridge that we will drop our current body or morph into a space creature. We may still have responsibilities to fulfill with our current body. It does mean that we have a choice as to whether or not we assume a body in the future. It means that we can create our future.

Part of being on the other side of the bridge is the ability to perceive others who have also crossed the bridge. There are those who have. There are those who have gone a long way, but are still being a sort of “1st dynamic OT” (a contradiction in terms).

To me, the “other side of the bridge” means we are in a position to create our past, present and future, or to uncreate it. To choose, or not choose, to have an identity. To stay and play in the physical universe if we want or say “nix” on the physical universe and co-create a new universe with others who have crossed the bridge—or who were never on this side of it.

Many of us have experienced the other side of the bridge, even if momentarily, such as times of great keyouts when you feel like you could own the world and were totally in charge of your own destiny.

Actually the trick isn’t getting to the other side of the bridge. The trick is getting there and being able to operate stably in this universe or any other. That is what is meant by “operating with or without a body.”

What I have noticed is when we get to that point, we don’t see others there creating a new playing field or even saying “Hi, I see you have arrived.” Maybe there is a deep aberration, or maybe it is just the natural laws of affinity that we have created, but somehow beings just like to be with other beings. When one attains the end of the bridge he reaches out and actively seeks others of like kind. The first time I reached the other side of the bridge, looked around, asked “where are the players” and there was only a potential of creation; no one spoke up. The “new world” was not yet created.

I knew I had to be here to help people complete the bridge. An only one is a lonely one. Yes, I could be God of my Universe, create art forms intricate or plain, but without others co-creating and sharing there isn’t going to be a better, more acceptable reality.

The irony is, once a person has full power of choice, and looks over this scene of “total freedom”, one really doesn’t have any choice but to decide to come here and free others, because until it is done the “other side of the bridge” is a lonely game.

We don’t need to clear the planet or salvage every being on it. We only need a few dear friends to cross the bridge and operate from that level. Would I feel guilty leaving untold billions behind? Actually, no. I’ve discovered the hard way that not everyone wants to go clear or they want the freedom to have their cake and eat it too. They want to keep their pet aberrations. Give up alcohol? No way. Well, said one, I could give up M.J. for a few weeks, but then is it OK to smoke pot again?

What has changed so much in Scientology both in the Church and in the Freezone, is the camaraderie of the 1950’s. We dared to dream. Knock hats off at 20 paces, sounded like fun to us. There was activity, lots of it. When we weren’t gabbing about the possibilities of para-Scientology we were holding lectures, giving group auditing, planning where to meet. Then it was a whole new world we were envisioning, and my, it was so much FUN. That was before the “bridge” but the idea was there. We perceived a new world in the making.

So you might wonder, why am I writing this? It is because rarely does anyone talk about the other side of the bridge. We choose a much lower and safer level of reality to talk about – often it is the COS that gets our mutual attention.

The COS claims to have about one thousand OT VIII’s. If so, most of them should certainly have had a glimpse of the other side of the bridge. They all want their next step. Odd part is, they are only a postulate away from being on the other side of the bridge.

What do we need to do, bypass the physical universe communication lines? Say “Wake up” and “Hear this” to all those OT VIIIs?

How about, “We are Freezone Scientologists. We have arrived. What do you need to reach the other side of the bridge? Let’s get together and create a better game.”

Patricia Krenik & FreeZone Academy of Elma WA

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