Podcast 12 Exteriorization

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Podcast 12 Exteriorization
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This Podcast is about "Exteriorization". (why not start 2018 with something interesting eh?)

Dave LaCroix explains the various aspects and misconceptions about exteriorization, also known as out of body experiences (OBE's), near death experiences (NDE's), astral travel...and many other names throughout history and down through the ages, and gives the Scientology perspective to align all of these concepts, and in most cases, misconceptions and false data about the subject.

Exteriorization during Scientology auditing is explained along with an explanation of the precise details of the "Int Rundown". (Interiorization Rundown - the technology for remedying any adverse effects of going exterior)

Several excerpts from L Ron Hubbard lectures where he talks about being exterior, what it means, and a number of processes for going exterior are included - which you're free to try for yourself - if you dare.

A followup podcast is planned with a panel of people who have gone exterior and/or are trained in the technology and handling of these experiences in auditing.

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