Podcast 5 RV The Scientology Connection Part One

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Podcast 5 RV The Scientology Connection Part One
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Scientolipedia's Remote Viewing series includes three Podcasts. A great deal of work went into finding a way to present the information on this topic since we didn't have any production facilities when we began.

Once we had the video capabilities figured out, we needed to come up with the materials to tell the story from a "Scientological" perspective.

You see, one of the first things to know about the subject of Remote Viewing is that it is populated by a world-class bunch of liars.

Due to the CIA's involvement from the outset, their SOP (standard operating procedure) being, and always will be, to lie and cover up the truth. Unfortunately for them, but fortunately for us, they failed.

As will be revealed in the podcast series, the "deep state" efforts to hijack and subvert the true nature of the Remote Viewing experiments and what they proved about L Ron Hubbard's work, are easily stripped away by those of us who are the beneficiaries of Hubbard's works...outside the clutches of that "deep state" attempt to suppress it and keep it for themselves.

By the third episode you will come to understand the ultimate failure of the forces of "the dark side" and come away with a different viewpoint of the importance of the events surrounding the original Remote Viewing experiments.

Watch the entire series in sequence -- we think you'll agree, it's well worth it.

Class VI, original OT VII Robin Adair joined Dave LaCroix on the series. Robin is extremely knowledgeable both as a trained OT for the Scientological perspective, as well as for the "deep state" fallout and ramifications.

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Black Dianetics[edit | edit source]

LRH's 1952 prescient warning about efforts to hijack the knowledge of the mind for evil purposes.

Danger - Black Dianetics

"Whenever phenomena become known to a small number of unscrupulous men, these, by secrecy, can employ it to the enslavement of many. This, in a thimble, is the history of the race. It was inevitable that once natural law concerning thought became known, it would be utilized by individuals to enslave, reduce, or even to murder others. Invalidation of Dianetics is now, fortunately, rendered impossible by the vigorous program of proof and testing to which it has been subjected. However, an invalidation of Dianetics as a process by which aberration can be relieved, works in the direction of permitting Black Dianetics to be employed without censure upon luckless human beings who may not even know that it has been so employed. The processes of Black Dianetics can be remedied by what might be called White Dianetics, in most cases. If any group desired to use the phenomena discovered in Dianetics to enslave an individual, a group, or a nation, its first step would be to place White Dianetics out of bounds, to illegalize its practice, and to condemn the tenets contained in it. To debar the general public practice of White Dianetics is to make possible a general unpublic practice of Black Dianetics."
1952 Journal of Scientology - "Danger - Black Dianetics":

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