Stats and Disssemination

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Stats and Disssemination
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How much training and processing is actually going on in the "field"?

Anybody know?

There are some indications a fair amount is occurring if you read various Internet blogs and Facebook postings, so we have a sense about it, but those don't give us any numbers (stats) we can latch onto. No stable data - just hunches.

Would it be good to know how much auditing and training is going on?

Would honest field stats be a positive thing?

Would it be good dissemination to let all Scientologists, and non-Scientologists, know we have a very mature and highly professional technology that is broadly used and sought after around the world?

Would publicizing how much of that technology is being delivered be helpful or reassuring for those thinking about 'giving it another go'?

Would it send a message to those still "in" that the church holds no monopoly on their eternity - and wouldn't that strike a positive blow?

If you answered "yes" to any of those then you're gonna love the new feature we just completed programming over here at

Now, Auditors and Groups (and individual solo auditors or occasional non-professional auditors) can post their stats anytime they like (no Thurs. @ 2 :00 pressure) and the system will automatically tabulate/aggregate the totals and display them in graph form.

It's very easy to use the system and will take someone posting for the first time about five minutes to do it.

I won't go into the technology and programming necessary to accomplish this - suffice to say, it's considerable.

The ability to allow individuals to independently post stats, have the system automatically tabulate and aggregate the totals, and then present the data in graph form would be pretty impressive if someone had developed this for a stand-alone website.

The fact we are able to do all of that AND present tons of factual, positive and honest information about the SUBJECT of Scientology, its great people, tech and the founder...all under one roof, at the same website, is unprecedented.

The PR and Dissem value of this should be pretty significant and an effective way to demonstrate the benefits of, and availability of the tech away from the CoS.

The biggest threat the church has over people is the false threat that they stand to lose their eternity. True stats showing how much auditing and training is going on outside the church should help remove that threat.

So don't be out-ethics, post your stats immediately! (joke - for those who may have a wee bit of BPC on the subject)

These are yearly stats, not weekly. Auditors can post whenever they like, even for past years.

You can see the system in action at the link below.

Note: this is a brand new system so some of the current stats on that page are dummy numbers mixed in with real numbers temporarily, for testing and display purposes. We'll remove the fake numbers once more real auditors start posting. (notice will be posted on the page)

All The Best,

Dave LaCroix

P.S. This stats feature will be added to our IOS App soon as well.

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