Understanding from the Top Down

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Understanding from the Top Down
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Topic Understanding from the Top Down
Author Patricia Krenik
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When we start into Dianetics and/or Scientology we are, so to speak, at the bottom of the food chain. From there we rapidly move up to a healthier body and/or higher levels of understanding especially if certain points are understood.

1) Dianetics is for the body. The body tends to be the present time problem of the “awareness of awareness unit” (that’s you, called a “thetan” in Scientology). 2) Scientology is for the certainty of the thetan, for his expansion and awareness levels. For his ability to handle life and the life forms in it.

Not everyone who begins in Dianetics and/or Scientology has body aches and pains, or various other annoying conditions. It depends on what the person has his attention on.

Whether the person is better off starting with Dianetics or with Scientology is a point for the Case Supervisor, aka C/S, to determine. Modern auditing is a team effort, with a Case Supervisor, an auditor, an examiner for after session, and a good cramming officer to correct the auditor as necessary.

The Composite Case

The first case we run into is the composite case. This is the A=A=A of Dianetics. Certainly if anyone wants real case progress he needs to read the book Dianetics, the Modern Science of Mental Health, by L.Ron Hubbard, because here the composite case is described. To go clear, we must unravel the composite case. What is the composite case composed of? Mental image pictures, misidentified, A=A=A. Something in the environment reminds the pre-clear of some other time as he has it recorded as a mental image picture, and now he doesn’t feel so good, because the picture had pain and/or unconsciousness in it and is identifying (or better said, pre-clear is misidentifying) with the present time of the pre-clear.

The composite case is all about mental image pictures. Wherever one picture is misidentified with another a composite case is created. One of the greatest tools for the beginning case is the Straightwire Grade. It helps the pre-clear start to take charge of his mental image pictures.

The Upper Level Case

Once a person is cleared of the composite case, he addresses a different area, essentially the area of how beings become unable. We address entities (see History of Man, by L. Ron Hubbard), handle implants and handle the factors that glue thetans to each other. Thetans stuck to each other by common impact or postulate could be, in modern times, referred to as “obsessive bonding.” These procedures from OT I through Ned for Ots completion frees the thetan’s attention units from areas where his attention was stuck and thus allows the thetan expansion and knowingness.

End Result

What are we achieving through the application of Scientology data? Some have ideas of becoming Superman, expecting some great ability to be restored, expecting to knock of hats at 50 paces (look Ma, no hands!) That sort of stuff isn’t Scientology at all, but is Para-Scientology as described in the Creation of Human Ability by L.Ron Hubbard. It isn’t to say that sometimes such abilities don’t occur, but they are side effects when they do. There is no process or set of processes in Scientology that I know of that directly will bring about levitation, spoon bending, or turn you into a poltergist. While I have heard of a corner of the room disappearing during an auditing session, and have seen objects being moved by an aware thetan, this is not the aim of Scientology.

“A world without criminality and war, where honest beings have rights” or words to that effect would be a good start. L.Ron Hubbard did not start Scientology to have the subject cannibalize itself but rather to export the knowledge so that we can all be able play a better game. In particular, we aim to end the “dwindling spiral of stopped time” as LRH referred to it, and be able to take our new understandings with us in order to change the future into our choice of image. By that I mean, if we live tomorrow in a body, in another body, in several bodies, or no bodies, if we stay in this universe or join another one, however we live the future it comes about as result of our own choices, not those of the implanters, slave makers or money changers (Bible reference). The aim of Scientology is that we be free to make life happen on our own determinism.

There are many satisfying things in life, but the one thing that does please me the most is the ability to make a postulate and watch the physical universe change, start to line up, follow that direction. The physical universe does have a comm lag, but your postulates work. Never doubt that. If you don’t like what you have, change your postulates—or get some auditing.

Live long and prosper.

Patricia Krenik

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