Vital Data on Scientology Meters

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Vital Data on Scientology Meters
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Scientology e-meter's are reaching their "end of life" and new meters with new technology are needed for replacements.

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intro[edit | edit source]

In speaking with Craig Robart about some meter repairs for a friend in South America the other day, Craig was was kind enough to impart a very important datum regarding the Mark VII E-Meters produced by the C Of S.

That being that we are reaching what is known as "End of Life" for many of the Mark VII meters, quantum or otherwise. This is a software and electronics term that means there is no more support given, when referring to software generally, and sometimes with electronics meaning the item is UN-repairable due to proprietary components, such as integrated circuits, that are no longer made and are unavailable along with a host of other possibilities concerning an esoteric, obsolescence built in item, such as the VII's. The current term for such an item is a "brick". Nothing can be done for or with it, it's useless from there on out.

What does this mean? It means it's time to start looking for other options as far as your meter(s) are concerned. There are many options available from non-COS manufacturers. The last many meters Craig received for repair were bricks and just unrepairable which means this is a rapidly occurring thing with the production cycle of the meters themselves and hasn't even gotten anywhere close to a pinnacle yet. As the Meters are used continually they WILL fatally crash and one should have something other than a Mark VII or quantum with them as a backup meter for their PC's sake if not their own in solo session.

Please post any success you have had with alternate meter products and give an unbiased review below, as well as a link to their web page.

For those who are unfamiliar, this is a brave new world regarding meters. It appears we will all have to embrace it and know our stuff about third party manufactured meters in the very, very, near future. Like it or not, for some or many. Jonathan Burke

Scientology Meters available on Ebay - click image

another opinion[edit | edit source]

I would like to offer some important information about your e-meter. Specifically, there has been some data circulating that your Church of Scientology e-meter is obsolete or that is becoming a “brick” (brick: a term meaning a device that has ceased to function, is no longer repairable and, therefore, is good for nothing more than a useless weight such as a brick).

Because of this false data, I know many have begun questioning the very e-meters that they have used for years with great results.

The fact is; TechLibrary has over 1,000 Church of Scientology e-meters functioning in the field. So, I can tell you very truthfully from a lot of experience that any church e-meter—from the Mark V to the Mark Super VII Quantum—holds up well over time and to very high usage. I have seen some of the Mark VI and VII e-meters with so many thousands of hours of use that the numbers on the TA dial were nearly worn off. These e-meters still functioned flawlessly.

Church e-meters seldom require any service at all except routine battery replacement every few years. By actual statistics, the failure rate is extremely low. Of the 1,000+ e-meters that TechLibrary has put into customers’ hands, there have been exactly two that needed repair and these e-meters were quickly returned to functionality.

As you may know, TechLibrary has been around for over 10 years now. But, we have been collecting, servicing, and selling e-meters for over 30 years. And we have stockpiled sufficient parts both generic and proprietary to carry on easily for at least another 30 years.

Should your e-meter ever require service, we do it all here at TechLibrary.

I know how important a good, dependable e-meter is. An e-meter is a very personal thing. So, if you have been happy with your Church of Scientology e-meter, please continue to use it with confidence. LRH did.

Even as early as the Mark V, this is what LRH had to say:

“Now you’re very, very lucky to have a Mark V meter.” Tape Reference: Auditing by Lists; April 16, 1964


“And the Mark V puts rudiments in the like of which you never heard of before.” Tape Reference: 3GA Goals Finding – Part 1; October 11, 1962

Note: You can find refurbished, with warranty, meters at very reasonable prices on EBay

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