Have You Lived Before This Life

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Have You Lived Before This Life
Author Antony A Phillips
Type of Article Category:History Of Scientology
Website http.antology.info
Email ant.phillips@post8.tele.dk

Free Download[edit | edit source]

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Summary[edit | edit source]

This book gives descriptions (called case histories) of 62 people, audited on the 5th London ACC to investigate in a therapeutic manner lives they had had before their present life. The book was first published 1958 by Hubbard Association of Scientologists International Limited in London

Project Engineers[edit | edit source]

In the London Scientology organisation there were about 6 people who were staff auditors. Their job was to apply individually Scientology techniques to paying persons. They audited 25 hours a week. Working from 9.00 to 7.30 with an hour (from 12.00 to 13.00) for lunch they had a certain amount of extra time, which was used both to mark tests of clients, and to write letters to people who had been in contact with the organisation. However at this time Hubbard named a few of them "Project Engineers" and they used their time when not auditing on specially designated tasks. One of them was Maura Chamberlain (mother of Neville Chamberlain, who was later a Sea Org Member and even later was associated with Alan Walter's Knowledgism) and she was given the task of collecting reports from practitioners and subjects from the recently run 5th London Advanced Clinical Course (ACC). The result of her work was the book Have You Lived Before This Life. There was a general expectancy that this would be a great book, breaking down the barrier between Scientology and the public, and that when people read it, they would come streaming into the org to learn more of their past lives.

The Contents[edit | edit source]

The first edition of the book has 183 pages, is hard back, 12 cms by 19cms. Immediately after the copyright notice are four and a half pages containing a list headed: "THESE ARE THE THERAPISTS WHO TOOK PART IN THIS EXPERIMENT. YOU ARE AT LIBERTY TO CALL ANY OF THEM IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS." There then followed 62 names and addresses of participants, 27 of which had a phone numbers, 35 with addresses in England (others were in continental Europe, Australia, New Zealand and USA).

This was followed by the table of contents which read:

List of Therapists Page 3
Introduction Page 11
The Conditions of the Experiment page 13
A Note on Past Lives Page 17
The Incidents Page 21
Glossary Page 23
Reports on Cases 1 to 42 Page 25
Conclusion Page 183

Some of the Reports were headed "Preclear's Report" and some "Scientologist's Report". In each case the Scientologist is named (a couple are anonymous) while the preclears merely appear as "Case No. nn". The preclears were all students on the ACC, named at the front of the book.

The types of incidents vary quite a bit, some being somewhat weird and some a very long time ago.

The conclusions section reads as follows:

Now what do you think?
Seventy conservative, well trained, Scientologists, the most effective practitioners in today's world of mental healing, have gone through these experiences. Seventy sane people have some evidence that they have lived before.
What about the rest of the human race?
You have the names and addresses and phone numbers in this book. You can call them and verify the matter yourself. Some believe it, some do not. Talk to them all if you wish.
Or come to the HASI, 37 Fitzroy Street, London W.1, and ask about it. The HASI is only interested in healing people and clearing them. The Association has no real interest in fads and crazes. It is a scientific institution. It exists only for public service. But it has had to view past lives with more than ridicule. Past lives come up too often in clearing to be ignored.
Will they come up with you?

Sequel[edit | edit source]

A sequel was planned as documented in Ability 115, but never materialised:

May I request the assistance of all auditors in the following research program: Have You Lived Before This Life ?, the new book, has elicited such deep interest that it will be followed in a few months by a sequel: Where are you Buried?. You can help by doing the following: (a) Check out your preclears for recent deaths, and any you find have died in the last century in the country where you are, (b) write down all particulars for record, (c) then go to the place of burial and locate the grave or get a copy of the death roll from official sources, or both, and (d) send all data, the story of the life and death, to HCO W W, Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex, England. Be sure you have the preclear's permission for data to be used. Be sure data is authentic in every possible way. The resulting collection may be published in book form.
L. Ron Hubbard

Reference[edit | edit source]

At the following link the 1974 edition of the book is available for free download: [1]. This is the third printing and does not contain the names, addresses and telephone numbers. There is a description of the ACC at 5th London ACC
(Added April 2020) A PDF of the first edition, with names and addresses of some 5th London ACC students has now been made and is available at: http://www.antology.info/first-editions.php .


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