Child Dianetics

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Child Dianetics
Child Dianetics, front, first edition.jpg
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Author L Ron Hubbard
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Summary[edit | edit source]

This book was first published in October 1951 by the Hubbard Dianetics Foundation, Inc.

The thumbnail picture to the left is the front of the original edition which was little larger than many books, 21.5 cm x 27.5 cm, softcover. The colour of the cover is actually a very pale cream with lettering in blue.

Details[edit | edit source]

On page 4 of the original edition (just before the table of contents) there is a short paragraph which reads:

Grateful acknowledgement is hereby made to the following researchers and contributors:
William H.Wood, ex-Army Visual Education instructor, parent-child relations specialist, board member of the Pasadena Dianetics group.
Idella Stone, H.D.A., Hubbard Dianetics Service Centre, Pasadena, California.
William T. Powers, H.D.A., graduate student in physics, Northwestern University.
Henry Mauerer, H.D.A., psychologist.
Edward A.Reese, H.D.A., professional bibliographer.
Jon Ross, H.D.A., former psychologist parental counsellor, nursery school supervisor, lecturer on child development.
Julia Lewis, H.D.A., president of the Compton Counselling Service, member of the South West Counselling Service, specialist in re-educational play for children.
Waldo T. Boyd, H.D.A., editor and writer.
Wichita, Kansas
August, 1951.

In the first edition page 3 has a brief dedication as follows: "To our next generation, the best reason we have for Dianetics."

Other LRH Books Published in 1951[edit | edit source]

In 1951 L. Ron Hubbard published five books. They are in order of publication:

Science of Survival , published August 1, 1951 [[1]].
Self Analysis, published August 1951 [[2]].
Dianetics The Original Thesis , written in 1948, published 1951
Child Dianetics, published October 1951 [[3]].
Handbook For Preclears, published December 1951 [[4]]

Page 1 of the first edition of L. Ron Hubbard's Child Dianetics. The colour of the paper is actually white
Photo of text of page 4 of the first edition of L. Ron Hubbard's Child Dianetics.

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