Handbook for Preclears

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Handbook for Preclears
Handbook for preclears 1979 front.jpg
Topic Scientology books
Author L Ron Hubbard
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This book was published in December 1951, and together with two of the other books published in 1951 it was a rather large format 21.5 cm x 27.5 cm. It was softcover, yellow, had a simple cover design and sold for $2.50. The cover pictured to the right is from the ninth edition, 1979. These three 1951 books (the others are a Child Dianetics and Self Analysis) give an idea of the bridge over from Dianetics to modern Scientology.

In the book itself it states:

This volume of self processing is designed for use in any of four ways:
1. As a workbook to be used wholly by the auditor on the pre-clear; or
2. As a homework book to be given the pre-clear for use between sessions; or
3. As a process done by the pre-clear himself with only occasional auditor help; or
4. As a processing manual used wholly by the pre-clear without an auditor.

and this is as true today as it was then, although we have a larger number of other possibilities.

Alterations were made later to the text, which are recorded here

1951 LRH books[edit | edit source]

In 1951 L. Ron Hubbard published five books. They are in order of publication:

Science of Survival , published August 1, 1951 [[1]].
Self Analysis, published August 1951 [[2]].
Dianetics The Original Thesis , written in 1948, published 1951
Child Dianetics, published October 1951 [[3]].
Handbook For Preclears, published December 1951 [[4]]