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Self Analysis
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First edition front - check Ebay for early editions - click image

History[edit | edit source]

The cover to the right is of the first edition which was dated August, 1951, the book was slightly larger than average 21.5 cm x 27.5 cm, soft cover which was a light green with the little pattern with lettering in gold and it was published by The International Library of Arts and Science.

The first edition has the following little paragraph which does not appear in the edition we refer you to above.

Do not hearken too well to he who would tell you this system will not work. He would not feel safe if people around him grew too strong. The wise man tests before he talks. The critic but follows the fad of a cynical and apathetic age. You have a right to your own opinion. This system works or it doesn't according to your experience. Not all the authorities in Christendom can alter natural law.

The part in the 1952 edition (the one which the link above leads to) which is headed "Foreward" is entitled in the first edition "Publisher's Synopsis".
The part in the 1952 edition which is headed "Introduction | The Scope of Self Analysis" is headed "Authors Introduction" in the first edition.
In the first edition the chapters merely have their numbers whereas in the second edition they have titles also.
The first edition does not have a Chapter VII, but has a "NOTES ON CHART" beginning: "This chart is a specialised form of the Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation and Dianetic Processing." This nine paragraph notes is signed by "THE EDITOR" and is in fact what you see in the above PDF file as Chapter VII.
Being a larger format, the first edition has six columns of that Chart of Human Evaluation per page.
The first edition I have has a little round cardboard disc with perceptions on each side (which is common to most or all printed editions of the book).

Self Analysis Reminiscences of Antony Phillips; 1954[edit | edit source]

After Easter 1954 I was sent by my father to get auditing from Dennis O'Connell. Dennis was a leading field auditor/Scientologist at that time and is referred to quite a bit in the reminiscences of Dennis Stephens[[1]]. I was working in Cambridge at the time but came in to London every Thursday (early closing day in half the shops in England) for extra study and in the evenings I went and got a couple of hours auditing from Dennis O'Connell. I was told by Dennis O'Connell to get a copy of Self Analysis and self audit it at home in between the sessions I got from him. My mother was getting sessions from Olive O'Connell, Dennis's wife, and was also instructed to self audit using Self Analysis. We each bought a copy of Self Analysis which was published in England by Derek Ridgeway (as was the English version of Dianetics Modern Science of Mental Health ). It was a small hardcover book about 14 cm x 21.5 cm. At that time there was nothing objectionable about self auditing, including self auditing from a book, and it was only later that there grew quite a strong prejudice against self auditing. For my part I don't think I had much result from it but then, 60 years ago, I was a pretty dug in sort of a case ("out the bottom" was a term we used then!). Fortunately most of the auditing I got from Dennis was objective processes (Opening Procedure by 8C) and my memory of that was that I spent most of the sessions doped off (semiconscious).

1951 LRH books[edit | edit source]

In 1951 L. Ron Hubbard published five books. They are in order of publication:

Science of Survival , published August 1, 1951 [[2]].
Self Analysis, published August 1951 [[3]].
Dianetics The Original Thesis , written in 1948, published 1951
Child Dianetics, published October 1951 [[4]].
Handbook For Preclears, published December 1951 [[5]]

Books, Meters & Lectures[edit source]

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Free Digital Download[edit | edit source]

The digital download is offered here free but has the drawback that it is not easy to use the auditing processes from a digital format.

If you're truly interested in improving your life and want to learn to audit, we recommend you get a hard copy of the book to work with.

Current Version[edit | edit source]

Learn the basics of Scientology and how to audit yourself. Many find it an easier and more fruitful first step and easier to learn than Dianetics procedure.

Self Analysis contains hundreds of processes that are easy to apply and designed to change your life, your outlook, you mood, your relations with others...and give you an emotional boost from the comfort of your own home.

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