Scientology 8-80

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Scientology 8-80
First edition 8-80.jpg
Author L Ron Hubbard
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This book was first published in 1952. This book contains what is probably the first publication of the Thetan Scale Range, running from -8.0 to 40.0.

Wording on the front of 1st edition (the original lettering was black on a pale yellow background).

The first edition, of which there is a PDF available, is similar to the edition which you can download (see the link above), but lacks "The Appositions of Scientology", compiled by Alphia Hart, B.Scn. This consisted of a two page introduction and 23 pages of definitions. Alphia Hart was later "non-personed" (references are in the American membership magazine Ability at the time). You find the last pages of the first edition of Scientology 8-80 at the following link: [[1]]


A History of Man
A New Slant on Life
Advanced Procedure and Axioms
All About Radiation
Axioms of Scientology
Basic Study Manual
Book of Case Remedies
Books – Scientology – LRH
Brainwashing - the book
Child Dianetics
Clear Body Clear Mind
Creation of Human Ability
Dianetics 55
Dianetics Evolution of a Science
Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health
Dianetics The Original Thesis
Dianetics Today
E Meter Essentials
Handbook for Preclears
Have You Lived Before This Life
How to Live Though an Executive
Hymn of Asia
Marriage Hats
Mission Into Time
Notes on the Lectures