Understanding the Emeter

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Understanding the Emeter
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(from the intro to 1982 printing of "Understanding The Emeter")

This book has been compiled from the researches and notes of L. Ron Hubbard.

The theory has been taken from parts of the film written by L. Ron Hubbard, How the E-Meter Works, which is scheduled for Academy showing. Grateful acknowledgment is made by L. Ron Hubbard for the editorial assistance of Norman F. Starkey. Also to Arthur Hubbard for the cover painting and to Melanie Seidler Murray, Pat Brice, Barbara de Celle, Andre Clavel, Jessica Rockweil Waldmann and Gerry Grant.

Library of Congress Catalog Card No.: 81-70129
ISBN 0-88404-078-X (United States of America)
ISBN 87-6336-103-8 (All other countries)

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