What is Scientology Video Series

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What is Scientology Video Series
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Webinar New Video Series - "What is Scientology"

Instead of creating a long boring video defining what Scientology IS, we decided to produce a series of short videos for the task.

Subscribe to our Youtube channel and watch this page for the latest vids.

They're not going to be like anything you'll find elsewhere - inside or outside of the "church".

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What is Scientology -- Video Series[edit | edit source]

What is Scientology
What is Scientology Video Series
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Podcasts[edit | edit source]

Podcast 0 Scientology Online
Podcast 1 Salvaging the Scientology Brand
Podcast 10 Max Hauri of Ron's Org Grenchen
Podcast 11 Janis Gillham Grady - Commodore's Messenger
Podcast 12 Exteriorization
Podcast 13 Exteriorization Discussion With Class VIII Jim Newell
Podcast 14 Pizza and Scientology with Bob Mongiello
Podcast 15 LaCroix Interview Part One
Podcast 16 LaCroix Interview Part Two
Podcast 17 Flipping The Script
Podcast 2 Dianetics and Science Fiction
Podcast 3 Perry Chapdelaine
Podcast 5 RV The Scientology Connection Part One
Podcast 6 RV The Scientology Connection Part Two
Podcast 7 RV The Scientology Connection Part Three
Podcast 8 Danny "dial-wide" Locke